St. Albans baseball team honored at football game


St. Albans, WV (WCHS/WVAH) It was a moment some wait a lifetime for, in fact St. Albans sophomore Casey Kemplin says his family may have even been more excited than he was. "I mean my dad was talking like he had waited for this his whole life I think he was more excited than I was saying 30 years from now you and your team mates will watch that game."

A triple a state baseball championship for Saint Albans High School, the first in school history. Those players will be honored at halftime of the battle of the bridge this Friday when rival nitro comes to town. Getting some local praise is something some of these players Like senior Nicholas Feazelles have been waiting for since hoisting the trophy. He says "we really didn't get honored at all by the school at the end of the season so it will be real nick for everyone to cheer for us and have our backs you know."

Head baseball coach Rick Whitman knows exactly how important that community support is for success. He says even if his team wasn't getting honored he knows his players would still be out at Fridays game in full force. Whitman says "you know football sets the tone for your school athletically and it's always great to kick off a rival with nitro in any sport and football really creates a lot of excitement. So all the baseball players will be there supporting the football team just like the football team supports the baseball team"

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