Stats keeper for Cabell Midland Knights reaching 450th consecutive game

Stats keeper for Cabell Midland Knights reaching 450th consecutive game. (WCHS/WVAH)

We all have that one person in our community who lives for high school sports.

At Cabell Midland High School, that person is Dennis Ball.

“I keep stats. I keep offensive stats for football team, and I’ve been doing it since 1978 - 448 games so far,” said Dennis Ball, Cabell Midland Knights stats keeper.

Dennis Ball has been keeping football stats in Cabell County without missing one game for almost 450 games straight.

“I have not missed a Friday night football game since I started in 1978,” said Ball. “I love the game. I love football.”

“Anytime you’ve got someone like him, you always know what you’re going to get - good and bad,” said Luke Salmons, Cabell Midland Knights Coach. “He’s a great guy and always wants to do his job well.”

Cabell Midland's Coach Luke Salmons said not only is Dennis Ball a huge asset to the Cabell Midland Knights, there's a lesson to be learned.

“Anytime you have that work ethic and commitment and do something for a long period of time, he [Ball] feels like he needs to do it as well. He wants to do it, but I feel it is a good example for the kids,” said Salmons.

Ball keeps score without technology. He relies on the old fashioned way.

“I’m still working the VCR,” said Ball. “I like an ink pen and a pencil – pencil and an eraser. I make mistakes too.”

Ball said he doesn't plan on quitting anytime soon.

“Luke and I have an agreement, he can't fire me. If I'm 105, I'll keep stats until I get tired,” said Ball.

On Friday, September 15, Dennis will celebrate his 450th game when Cabell Midland plays against Capital High.

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