Nitro Wildcats’ pep club pumps up the crowds

Nitro Wildcats’ pep club pumps up the crowds (WCHS/WVAH)

The Nitro Wildcats’ roars can be heard from across the bridge in St. Albans.

There's something special at Nitro High School, a group of about 50 students formed the Wildcats' pep club and took on the responsibility of pumping up the crowds.

"Our school is definitely a lot closer. There's a lot more school spirit,” said Mason Hale, president of the pep club. “I think the whole motto of 'Love, Learning, Leadership' has really brought the school together, and everyone is starting to catch onto the motto."

Each student pays $60 to join the pep club, which includes a t-shirt and admission to all home sporting events.

"Usually people just go to the football games and basketball games but having that people are just like 'oh, I don't want to spend money to go to a soccer game,' but they're like 'oh, you know whatever let's go to the soccer game for free' and they show support for all the teams," said Hale.

The pep club isn't just for people on sports teams.

"A lot of athletes join because they all go to the games, but we have like band members that come, people who play other sports. You get a whole variety of people here,” said Torri Porterfield, member of the pep club.

Torri Porterfield joined the club when it was created two years ago, and she encourages others to join too.

"There's a lot of unity now between the students,” said Porterfield. “We all get together and help support all the teams, even not just football and sometimes volleyball games and we're all a lot friendlier now - more of a school."

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