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Hospital Stresses Importance Of Knowing Stroke Signs, Symptoms
May 24, 2013

Eyewitness News Reporter Darrah Wilcox As part of stroke month, Cabell Huntington Hospital is showing people how important knowing the signs and symptoms of a stroke can be.

While not all stroke patients have risk factors, there are many potential threats that can lead to a stroke.

"The most common risk factors that we see in our community are obesity, smoking, diabetes and hypertension." said Dr. Justin Nolte, medical director of the Cabell Huntington Hospital Stroke Center.

As part of a Stroke Awareness Month event this week, Cabell Huntington Hospital employees gave screenings and emphasized the important signs and symptoms that can help people spot a stroke.

Here is an acronym to remember, FAST, for Face, Arms, Speech and Time.

F is for Face -- If you are with someone you suspect is having a stroke, have the person smile for you. Does one side of their mouth go up and the other go down? It's a possible sign of a stroke.

A is for Arms -- Ask the person to lift his arms. Do they droop or do they immediately fall down?

S is Speech -- Have them say a simple sentence such as, "It's a sunny day." If the response is garbled or slurred, then that may also be a sign of a stroke.

T is for Time -- "The sooner you get to the hospital, the sooner we're able to evaluate you and potentially offer a drug called TPA, which is the only FDA approved therapy intravenous drug that we can give and we know the sooner we can give the medicine the better the patient's outcome," Nolte said.

Nolte said with some patients "if we get to the hospital soon enough and we get certain imaging, if it looks appropriate we may be able to go in through the groin and do some interventional procedures where our interventional radiologists can remove clots with stints. They can also give local medicine directly into the clot,".

"The advancements that have been made in rehab alone are very exciting," he said. "There are certain medications we can give that may improve outcomes. There's a lot of things on the horizon in the years to come that may potentially help rehab patients after their stroke."

For more about ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat a stroke, visit:

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