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Criminal Complaint Details Alleged Jackson County Bomb Plot

Reported by: Send eMail Bob Aaron, Jeff Morris, Kaylin Searles
Reported: Jun. 26, 2014 11:13 AM EDT
Updated: Jun. 26, 2014 5:03 PM EDT

Jackson Bomb Arrest
West Virginia Regional Jail Photo

Evans , Jackson County , West Virginia

The criminal complaint filed against a Jackson County man accused of threatening to detonate a bomb at an elementary school details his fascination with explosive devices and death and his intentions to have a device that caused as much destruction as possible.

Blake Ryan Garnes, 20, of Evans is charged with terrorist threats and possession of an incendiary device, according to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court. The complaint said he had threatened to blow up the bomb on the playground of Evans Elementary School.

Following is text from the criminal complaint:

On or about Wednesday – June 25, 2014, this undersigned officer received information from an individual stating that a former Cooperating Individual, known by them, wished to provide new and additional information to this undersigned officer. The said CI had previously aided in conducting numerous prior drug investigations in and around Jackson County. This undersigned individual who had developed and manufactured an explosive device in which the said deviant planned to detonate the said device at a nearby Jackson County school. This undersigned officer knew, based on prior successful covert drug transactions, that the CI had always had fruitful information and had never failed to produce accurate and corroborated information.

At approximately 1544 hours, this undersigned officer and Detective ME Cullen traveled to SCRJ, where the Cooperating Individual was being incarcerated for unrelated criminal charges. At that time, RHM and MED conducted a recorded interview with CI, at which time the CI divulged a plan to RHM and MEC involving a white male subject known to the CI as “Blake.” Through discussions and various investigative techniques, RHM identified the subject as Blake approximately three weeks prior to this date at a residence near Evans, WV, that is known by the CI to be the residence of the grandmother to Blake Ryan Garnes. The CI recalled an evening at the Garnes residence then in which the CI, Garnes and another individual known as Dakota Long were all smoking marijuana. At that time, Long made a statement to Garnes “…Hey, show him (the CI) the bomb!” At that time, the CI observed Garnes walk into an attached doorway and retrieved a round green plastic object, filled with another darker sleeve type object. At that point in time, Garnes described in detail that the object was a “Bomb” that he had built from scratch and it involved a variety of projectiles suited for physical destruction, mayhem and death to others. Some of the said projectiles were listed by the CI as nails, BB’s, ball bearings and bolts. The CI was told by Garnes that the propellant used in the device was gun powder/black powder. Garnes went on to state that his intentions were to build other explosive devices like the one that evening and to detonate them on his own family’s residences or at the playground of Evans Elementary – specifically when there were children present on the playground. This undersigned affiant knows Garnes’ family to live very close by and that Evans Elementary is approximately 1 mile from the stored location of the device. The CI stated that Garnes only needed to locate and attach and appropriate fuse or other detonating device to make the explosive bomb ready for use.

The CI went on to extensively describe Garnes’ behavior and mental/psychological stature as being very emotionally disturbed and has been hospitalized as such in the past for unknown mental and psychological issues. The CI described Garnes as having “Manic episodes” and a genuine hatred toward law enforcement and his own family. The CI stated that Garnes was living with his grandmother because of his hatred toward his own family. The CI told RHM and MEC that Garnes talks continuously about “Killing things” and “Killing people.” The CI stated that Garnes has an extensive alcohol and marijuana problem and self-medicates his emotional issues on a daily basis. The CI firmly believes that Blake Garnes is very capable of detonating the said device and carrying out his plans.

At approximately 1025 hours, this undersigned offer and numerous officers, including explosives technicians from the Kanawha County S/O arrived at the Garnes residence to execute a search warrant for the same. As officers approached the final stretch of roadway leading up to the residence, Blake Garnes was seen sitting in an unknown lawn area of another resident. RHM and MEC detained Garnes and explained to him the reason behind the search warrant. At that point in time, Garnes admitted to manufacturing an explosive device/bomb and hiding it an area over a doorway leading to the basement area of the basement (specifically where the CI stated it would be).

A short time later, RHM and the other officers arrived at the residence and soon located the incendiary device where both Garnes and the CI said it would be. The aforementioned explosives technicians furthermore confirmed that the said device was that of an explosive and destructive nature. Further searching of the residence found numerous handwritten notes detailing Garnes’s fascination with death, misery and killing people and children. The said notes were later confirmed by Garnes as belonging to him and that he had, in fact, written them.

RHM later interviewed Blake Garnes at the JCSD. There, Garnes admitted that he has “Handcrafted” the said device and that he “…enjoyed pain.” Garnes explained that he was fascinated by explosives since an early age, and that he had dreams/nightmares on a daily basis about killing people and death in general. Garnes went into great detail how he had made the explosive device and that it was only missing the fuse or detonation device. However, Garnes continues to state that he had recently given extensive thought into specifically which manner in which he was going to detonate the said device.

Based on the above information, RHM is charging Blake Garnes with TERRORISTIC THREATS and POSSESION OF AN INCENDIARY DEVICE.

A man accused of threatening to detonate a bomb on an elementary school playground in Jackson County allegedly said he made a bomb that contained projectiles that were suited to cause "physical destruction, mayhem and death to others," court documents said.

Blake Ryan Garnes, 20, of Evans is charged with terrorist threats and possession of an incendiary device, according to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court. The complaint said he had threatened to blow up the bomb on the playground of Evans Elementary School.

A person who had previously worked as a confidential informant said the suspect had showed him a device at Garnes' grandmother's residence that he said was a bomb. The complaint said Garnes described in detail the object that he had built from scratch and it involved " a variety of projectiles suited for physical destruction, mayhem and death to others." Some of the projectiles were listed as nails, BBs, ball bearings and bolts."

Overnight, Jackson County sheriff’s deputies, federal agents and the Kanawha County bomb squad raided Garnes’ grandmother's home in Evans and found a functioning bomb, the complaint said.

A Jackson County man is facing charges after he allegedly threatened to detonate a bomb at an elementary school playground while children were present.

Blake Ryan Garnes, 20, of Evans is charged with terrorist threats and possession of an incendiary device, according to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court.

Police received a tip from a person who had worked previously as a confidential informant that Garnes had showed him a bomb and that he threatened to detonate the device on the playground of Evans Elementary School while children were playing, the complaint said.

Overnight, Jackson County sheriff’s deputies, federal agents and the Kanawha County bomb squad raided Garnes’ grandmother's home in Evans and found a functioning bomb, the complaint said.

The complaint said Garnes admitted to making the bomb, and authorities discovered writings in the home where he talked in detail about his desires to kill people and children. The complaint also said he “enjoyed pain” and was fascinated by explosives and had dreams daily about killing people.

Garnes was taken into custody and is awaiting arraignment.

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