New Greenbrier County park to honor flood victims

Heavy equipment removes flood debris Tuesday from a site in Greenbrier County that will become a new community park to honor flood victims. (WCHS/WVAH)

A new community park will honor the lives lost in last June’s flooding in Greenbrier County.

Ground was broken Tuesday for Brad Paisley Park in the community of White Sulphur Springs, where five people died in a single block.

Heavy equipment is still removing flood debris from White Sulphur Springs’ new community park, an area that was at the heart of the heavy June flooding. A combination of record high water and fire took five lives in a single block around the park site.

The community with help has quickly moved to rebuild, with officials saying there have been more than 50 new homes constructed and dozens of homes repaired.

“We’re getting families back into their homes,” Tom Crabtree said. “But a project like this gives us something to look forward to in the future.”

Supporters are hoping for a rebirth of the community with the redevelopment in the wake of the flood.

Several flood victims have swapped their land at the park site where their homes were destroyed for a new location in Hope Village. Ronnie Scott is one of them. He lost his wife because of the flooding. He said the park will provide some good memories in an area with so many bad ones.

“There were five on my street who lost their lives,” Scott said. “I think that will give the people who lived on Mill Hill a place to go. There will be good memories down there because it will be a beautiful place.”

Development of the park will cost about $200,000. The park is being supported by the Rotary Club, Home Depot and some of the oldest families in White Sulphur Springs. It will be named for country music star Brad Paisley, who has been the largest supporter of flood relief efforts around the state.

Crew members from “Barnyard Builders” TV show who work out of Greenbrier County will put up a barn-like community pavilion next month on that site.

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