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Clendenin woman receives new home after devastating floods

After losing her home in June’s flood, Janet Rollyson received the ultimate gift when a Mennonite disaster team chose to build a brand new home for her.

The morning after June’s flood tore through the town of Clendenin, Rollyson said she will never forget the sight of her home.

"The water had receded down just a little bit, and we were standing over on the bank looking back. We couldn't get to the house for a couple days,” Rollyson said.

When the flood water drained Rollyson’s home was left devastated.

"I was homeless, and these people that I didn't even know backed in their camper for me to live in,” Rollyson said.

She says it wasn't material things that she missed about her home, but the memories and the time spent with family that was put on hold.

"Probably the hardest thing in the whole flood for me was losing my mother-in-law, and knowing that she died in a nursing home, alone,” Rollyson said.

After living in the camper for seven months, Rollyson is now finally able to go home.

"It's just the greatest gift anybody could give you,” Rollyson said.

It was all thanks to Neighbors Loving Neighbors, United Methodist Church and the Mennonite Disaster Team who donated their time and hard work to build her a brand new home.

"If I’d sit here and make a list it would probably take me a week to make a list of all the people that helped,” Rollyson said.

As she is putting the finishing touches on her home, Rollyson said so many of her neighbors are still in need.

"I want to just go and pay it forward, like people paid it to me. I want to go and pay it back to them,” Rollyson said.

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