Special Report: Struggles of searching for a job and how Manpower can help

Looking for a job is a stressful process and some may lose hope during the search.

Cindy White, a Nitro resident who has been searching for a job, said the experience has been upsetting.

"It’s upsetting, it’s frustrating, embarrassing, everything," White said.

White has been through a tough few weeks. She has been out of a job for a month and has been searching for a new one.

“I was always able to work and provide and give and I can't do that now and it hurts," White said.

White was a nurse for 25 years, but is now looking for something different.

White has applied to all different types of positions, from cashier to secretary, but she's not having any luck.

“I’ve got a list. I’ve applied for 41 jobs. I’ve only had 3 interviews. I don't know how many websites, I’m on every job website there is," White said.

Living in Nitro all of her life, White started working when she was 15-years-old but now, she's losing hope.

“It’s just been a hard time," White said.

White said it is especially hard, because she can't support her family. And to make things more difficult, White's boyfriend, Dana LaLone, just lost his job.

“We’ve got 70 dollars right now to our name," White said.

White believes she's not getting hired because of her age or because she's overqualified. At this point, she will work anywhere.

”I think there are some fast food openings, which that’s probably where I’ll start working or try next week, but I just want to get in somewhere. I've got to live, kids to feed and car payments and all that," White said.

White is one of many West Virginians searching for a job.

Data from the last month reported, which was December 2016, shows the unemployment rate in West Virginia at 5.9 percent. That is more than a full percentage point higher than the national average and many people feel the official rate in this state is actually understated.

There may be some hope. Manpower is a staffing company that can help because there are good paying jobs available.

“We have so many different job assignments whether it’s in the medical field, a marine tech, we're looking for assembly line workers, we're looking for legal secretaries," Diane Strong, president of Manpower, said.

Manpower matches companies with the right employees.

“They need to really submit their resumes, rather than going into 10 places and being rejected. Come here where we know maybe what their best qualified and skilled to do," Strong said.

White decided to register with Manpower and isn't giving up hope. She said it is important to keep trying and stay positive.

“It’s killing me, it’s upsetting. We'll keep trying, every day, something will happen, something will come," White said.

Manpower has 11 offices throughout West Virginia and Kentucky.

For more information, visit Manpower's website.

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