Valley Park voted closed for summer in Hurricane

Hurricane Wave Pool and Valley Park will both remain closed through the summer while construction is in progress. (WCHS/WVAH)

All of the ball fields, the lakes and even the Wave Pool at Valley Park in Hurricane will be off limits this summer to visitors.

At a meeting Thursday, the Putnam County Parks and Recreations Commission voted unanimously to close the park to all access unless Parks Director Jarrod Dean makes an exemption.

"There is not one piece of property not being touched here at Valley Park," Dean said presenting the park's overhaul plans to the committee.

Dean said the park is being closed because of construction at nearly every corner of the park bringing in heavy machinery, dump trucks and semis.

"My concern is kids coming into a construction zone and getting hurt by a piece of equipment, being ran over, falling on something that would hurt them," he said.

Dean also said temporarily closing the park saves the county about $500,000 it would have spent on a temporary parking lot, fencing, walking path and bathhouse.

Putnam County commissioners in attendance also pushed for the vote.

"It's a lot of money for an unsafe situation for our kids," Commissioner Ron Foster said to the committee.

"We're trying to save the taxpayers money and be good stewards of taxpayers' money," Dean said.

Dean said certain parties still will be allowed into the park to use the back pavilions, subject to his approval, but everyone else will be kept out by an electronic gate by the girls' softball field.

While the entire park is being overhauled, he said, park officials are asking for patience.

"Wait and see what we're doing here," Dean said. "It's going to be a park the county can be proud of."

Construction at Valley Park could begin as early as June.

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