State troopers working to monitor nearly 900 registered sex offenders in Kanawha County

Two West Virginia state troopers, Christina Pauley, left, and Jennifer Burgess, are in charge of monitoring nearly 900 registered sex offenders in Kanawha County. (WCHS/WVAH)

Keeping track of sex offenders in your community is a tall task.

In fact, there are nearly 900 sex offenders on the registry in Kanawha County, and there are just two troopers assigned to keep tabs on all of them.

Troopers Christina Pauley and Jennifer Burgess have served in several different roles with the West Virginia State Police. The purpose of the unit they are in now is to make sure every sex offender in Kanawha County follows the law.

Pauley and Burgess have a tall order in front of them keeping track of Kanawha County's registered sex offenders.

"To make sure they don't reoffend, we monitor them to make sure they stay in compliance," Pauley said. "We try to prevent victims.”

Pauley and Burgess have to keep track of home, work and mailing address, cell phones and social media accounts. They even monitor accounts on PlayStation and Xbox.

"Any kind of social media that's going to put them in contact with other people online,” Pauley said.

Pauley said for the most part, the sex offenders keep their information up-to-date with the State Police. Failure to update information is a felony.

Burgess said some violate registration requirements more than once.

"There’s numerous that we've already arrested two and three different times. Two today actually,” Burgess said Thursday.

It's a difficult job and one these two troopers take a lot of pride in doing.

"We are pretty adamant about it. We make sure they realize it's state law and if they can't abide by it, they need to go back to prison,” Pauley said.

If you want to know where registered sex offenders live in your community, go to our website and look under station and click on crime map.

The map also has information about other crimes.

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