South Charleston girl heads to Disney World ahead of open heart surgery

Julia Wisser and her mother Amanda Wisser are off to Orlando thanks to The Make A Wish Foundation, who is granting her wish to meet Lilo and Sitch. Photo Credit: (WCHS/WVAH)

Julia Wisser knew something was up when her mother, Amanda picked her up from Bridgeview Elementary at noon.

Belle presented her with a present.

"I'm going to Disney," Julia said after opening up a poster decorated for her travel destination.

The Make A Wish Foundation granted Julia's wish to meet Lilo and Sitch in person.

Along with her family, she flew to Orland today for the Magical Kingdom.

"I thought I was actually going to a doctors appointment," Julia said.

Julia has a heart defect.

Mom got the news when she was two days old. Almost two months later, Julia was undergoing open heart surgery.

"It was supposed to be a simple check up. A quick look at her, a 15 minutre quick exam and send her on her way. Next thing we know, I guess her numbers were bad and they were shipping her up to Morgantown," Amanda said.

Amanda said when you think about it- it's a daunting heart condition that will mean open heart surgery for Julia about every 10 years.

"Now we're preparing for another open where she will have one of the pig valves put in," Amanda said.

That means as soon as Julia's done with school in June, she'll be preparing for surgery.

"I've been trying to ease her with you have a very legit excuse not to have to do any chores this summer," Amanda said.

Amanda said a trip like this, is exactly what julia needs to make her feel supported and ready to take on her surgery.

"I want to see all the rides and disneyland and see everything," Julia said.

Make A Wish Foundation can't approach a family and depends soley on referrals.

Anyone can refer a child to make a wish and they do not have to be terminally ill.

The sickness has to be life threantening.

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