Putnam County man accused of sexually assaulting woman

Putnam County court records say Devin James Knicely, 29, of Scott Depot is charged with first-degree sexual assault. (West Virginia Regional Jail)

West Virginia State Police said a Putnam County man has been charged after a former girlfriend claimed he sexually assaulted her after the two went to a concert and had dinner.

Devin James Knicely, 29, of Scott Depot is charged with first-degree sexual assault after an incident Saturday, according to a criminal complaint filed in Putnam County Magistrate Court.

State Police said the woman told them she and Knicely no longer dated but were sociable. After the two had dinner and attended a concert, she said, Knicely became agitated about their relationship status, grabbed her and carried her inside his residence against her will.

The woman claimed Knicely had a 10-inch knife, held it against her throat and was berating her. She said she jabbed her keys into his stomach, and she grabbed the knife and threw it into an adjacent room, cutting her hand in the process. When Knicely went to retrieve the knife, she said, she made a run for the door and made it nearly to the top of the driveway when he caught her and forced her to the ground.

State Police said the woman claimed her forced her back into the residence and then told her it was a shame “she had to die and they couldn’t be together forever,” the complaint said. The woman said Knicely sexually assaulted her. She said she tried to appease him by telling him that everything would be OK, and they could be together forever.

The woman said she left several articles of jewelry at the house because she thought she was going to be killed by Knicely and wanted to leave evidence for investigators, the complaint said.

State Police said they questioned Knicely, and he said that he and the woman had an argument about their relationship, but they had consensual sex.

Knicely is currently being held in the Western Regional Jail.

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