Adults-only ordinance tweaked in Putnam as male revue show planned

Putnam County commissioners increase the fines for violating the county's adults-only establishment ordinance. The action was taken with a male revue show planned in the county. (WCHS/WVAH)

A male revue show that is coming to a Putnam County bar next week took center stage at Tuesday's county commission meeting. At issue is whether the show violates the county adults-only establishment ordinance.

The "Girls Night Out" show is coming to the EZ Street Bar and Grill next Wednesday. County leaders will be watching close to make sure the show does not violate the county's ordinance that prohibits depicting explicit sexual conduct or activity. The owners of the bar said that won't happen.

"I will stop the show if I feel like we are in violation myself," Valerie Street said.

Street and her husband Tim are the owners of EZ Street Bar and Grill. While they understand the public concern, they said this is the third time they have hosted this type of show.

"It's a show with choreographed dance routines, seven different routines that men will go up and do a dance and take a bow and walk off the stage," she said.

In a letter to the Streets, the producer of the show said the performers do not expose themselves or do any perverted acts. Still, county commissioners voted to raise the fines of violating the adults-only establishment ordinance. The range now is $1,000 to $5,000 for each violation.

"We increased the fines to prevent and make somebody think about would they allow it to become a violation," Putnam County Commission President Stephen Andes said.

At this point, he said the show doesn't violate the county ordinance.

"I think they will follow it. If they do violate it, we probably will have somebody there. If they violate it, we'll take the necessary actions. I take people at their word," Andes said.

Putnam County Commissioner Ron Foster told the owners of the bar to make certain they know the rules.

"Make sure you understand these, read them and make sure it's your responsibility to make sure whoever is doing the show for you doesn't get you in trouble," Foster said.

The letter from the show producer also said the production is not a strip show and more skin is visible at the city swimming pool than at this show. County leaders are taking a wait and see attitude regarding any possible ordinance violations.

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