Police are investigating after woman says she was followed while jogging on Carriage Trail

Charleston Police are investigating after a woman says she was followed by a man while running on the Carriage Trail. (WCHS/WVAH)

Charleston Police are investigating after a woman says she was followed by a man while running on the Carriage Trail.

While police say the man did not physically harm her his actions were suspicious. Right now they are actively investigating a lead.

“If she would speed up, he would speed up. If she would slow down, he would slow down,” Lt. Steve Cooper said.

She said once she realized what was happening, she ran all the way to her house, but the man kept up with her. That’s when things got even more creepy.

"Strangely the man stopped at her home and was staring at her home, and the victim's husband came out, and the man left,” Lt. Cooper said.

The woman wasn't harmed, but the man's actions were alarming and not something common on the carriage trail.

"It's unusual for something like this to happen. The carriage trail has always been a very safe place,” Lt. Cooper said.

"I’ve just never had a reason to fear or to feel uncomfortable,” Stacy Stanten said.

Stanten walks the trail daily but says she plays it safe, walking at times when there are several other people on the trail.

"The guys who maintain it are full-time city employees and they are in charge of maintaining the trail, and I think because it’s a beautiful haven in the middle of the city, it's such a popular place for people to come,” Stanten said.

Others say they always try to be aware of who is around them.

"Be aware of your surroundings, maybe you're not alone if you think you're alone,” Donna Becher said.

"So many people run with their music blaring, and I’m sure they wouldn't know if someone came upon them or from behind,” Stanten said.

"Just be alert, don't be on your phone on the trail, because you could obviously not see something,” Diane Gillis said.

Lt. Cooper says it's smart to keep your phone with you and call 911 immediately if you feel unsafe.

"The sooner the better, and if the person knows, ‘hey I’m calling 911, tell them you're calling 911 and we'll get there very quickly.’ The Charleston Police Department has a lot of police officers and we heavily patrol the whole city,” Lt. Cooper said.

Lt. Cooper also says making noise is very effective when you feel like you could be in danger, anything to draw attention to what is going.

Keep checking Eyewitness News for updates.

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