New industrial parts plant to open in South Point, Ohio

The plant will be the most technologically advanced monolithic refractory plant in the United States, according to VP Doug Hall. (Harbinsonwalker Corporation)

The Point industrial park near South Point, Ohio has secured a 30 million dollar investment from the nation's largest monolithic refractory company, and they plan on opening shop in less than a year.

The company's Vice-President Doug Hall said it could create 30 to 50 high paying jobs.

"Virtually every single manufacturing industry we have in North America utilizes refractory products," Hall said.

Monolithic refractory is the process of turning raw materials into compounds that can resist wildly high temperatures commonly used in industry like pouring and molding molten metals.

"I think it will be high paying jobs for the area," Hall said.

The Point's owner Bill Dingus said Harbisonwalker International agreed to build in South Point because of his turn key offer of building all of their infrastructure and utility base for them.

"We are pleased to have these jobs,” Dingus said, “but more importantly we're pleased to have H.W.I. as a corporate citizen. To be a part of The Point family of business."

Dingus said H.W.I. will also have access to shipping through road, river, and rail, and down the road he's building a research and development facility and corporate health facility as well.

"How long have we been shipping raw materials out of our community to other countries?” he said, “It's nice to be the manufacturing home of the future."

Hall said, pending a grant application and Dingus' construction, they should be open for business in roughly a year.

"Now that we have a full go ahead we want this to happen as soon as possible," he said.

Hall said he wants to shovel in the ground as early as summer of this year and doors open in early 2018.

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