Missing Florida woman's car found in Ashland, KY

Tricia Freeman has been missing since Tuesday. (WCHS/WVAH)

An abandoned car found Thursday night in Ashland, Kentucky has tied police into a missing person's investigation nearly a thousand miles away.

Palmetto Florida native Tricia Freeman, who hasn't been seen in four days, is the owner of that abandoned car now in police custody.

"We have not made any connections as to why the vehicle ended up here," said Ashland Police Major Mark McDowell.

McDowell said they’ve been waiting for a search warrant to comb through the car and bringing in extra lab techs so they don't miss anything that could lead them to freeman.

In Florida, investigators have been searching Freeman's home for clues.

Her neighbor Dennis Daniel said disappearing isn't freeman's style.

"That lady liked to walk her dogs and we'd see her on a regular occasion,” Daniel said, “Very nice. Spoke nice. Not too many words."

Palmetto police said Freeman was last seen Tuesday by friends and seemed fine, but she has since vanished.

Police say she left 13 dogs in her house without asking neighbors to care for them which is out of character for Freeman.

"We've been working on subpoenaing her bank records, her cell phone records and things like that since yesterday to try to track her," Palmetto Police said.

Ashland Police said they've been working closely with palmetto investigators to bring Freeman home.

"The integrity of the evidence is there, and we're working to track down where the missing person would be," McDowell said.

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