NCAA tournament brackets an assignment at Putnam County Christian school

Students at Calvary Baptist Academy in Hurricane fill out NCAA tournament brackets as part of a school assignment. (WCHS/WVAH)

Many are keeping a close eye on their NCAA tournament brackets during the college basketball championship, including students at a Putnam County Christian School. In fact, the teacher is making it part of the math class.

"You guys receiving your brackets start filling them out," said David Spencer, a math teacher at Calvary Baptist Academy. Filling out an NCAA tournament bracket is an assignment for his students. For the past eight years, he has used brackets to teach students how to follow a flow chart, probability and outcomes.

"Two outcomes for each game. 63 possible games, so it's 2 to the 63rd power as to how many outcomes could possibly be," Spencer said.

Picking teams was a challenge for some students.

"It's weird to think there are so many outcomes because you really wouldn't think about it," said ninth grader Caia Losh, filling out a bracket for the first time with limited knowledge of basketball.

Ninth grader Anna Carpenter went for the higher ranked teams.

"For me, since I don't know any of the teams, I would say what looked more official," Carpenter said.

While filling out brackets is a guessing game for some, other students have it down to a science.

"There's certain trends of different seeds that usually upset other seeds, stuff like that so you always have to go pick those and you pick your favorite team," senior Carson Taylor said.

Spencer said adding the assignment has become a tradition, and he doesn't make the kids do it. This year students in all four of his math classes are trying their luck at picking the winners, hopefully learning something while having fun in the process. The student in each of Spencer's four math classes who comes closest to picking an NCAA tournament winner gets a pizza party.

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