Local church group pitches in to help veteran

Elevate Student Ministries spent the day landscaping for a local Huntington veteran. (Photo: Nate Petrosky)

It may seem like a small gesture, but Elevate Student Ministries youth group tells Eyewitness News giving back makes all of the difference in someone else's life.

The group of teenagers spent their last few days of summer working on community service projects across the area.

Wednesday they completed a full yard of landscaping work for a Huntington veteran who had been sick in the hospital. Staff pastor Nate Petrosky said he wants his youth volunteers to understand, some of the most important mission work is in their own backyard.

"We're supposed to help out our community," Nate Petrosky said. "We're supposed to show love. We're supposed to serve others. Instead of spending a ton of money and going to the other side of the world we believe we have to reach out to our community first."

Petrosky explained some people are quick to judge teenagers, or label them as irresponsible. His youth group is working to break that stereotype, and show the community they would rather spend their last days of summer vacation giving back.

"I have several people who said they were blown away by them," Petrosky said. "One adult I talked to told me this gave them hope. This gave them hope for the future and hope for our country. There is hope when you see the future generation out here doing what is right."

Amariana Burrow added she hopes to inspire others her age to get active and help others.

"I hope this inspires other people to get out and help the community," Burrow said. "They don't have to go into different states or different countries or anything. There is plenty to do right here."

Caroline Moses tells Eyewitness News it's a humbling feeling to be able to help someone in need.

"It's great we were able to help who we could," Moses said. "But many people need help. Not just the people we've helped, but there are probably more people down the street who could use help. There is always more for us to do."

The group worked all day to make sure the yard was finished. The veteran homeowner is expected to come home Thursday.

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