Jackson, OH World War II Vet awarded medals 70 years after military service

93-year old Samuel Morgan is presented the Bronze Star for his World War II service. (WCHS/WVAH)

Seventy years after his military service, a Jackson County, Ohio World War Two veteran is finally getting the medals he was awarded. 93-year old Samuel Morgan served in the Pacific during World War Two. Fast forward seven decades and he is finally getting the bronze star he was awarded.

"I really earned them. They came the hard way and I am grateful for them. Very grateful," said Morgan.

In addition, he received the Combat Infantryman Badge and the Asiatic-Pacific Medal for participating in amphibious landings. "I wanted something to show that I had been there and served in the 7th Infantry Division in the Pacific in the Army," said Morgan.

It's that service he'll never forget. He remembers invading the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska. "It was 25 to 30 below. It took us a month to take it. Some of the men we like to froze and starve to death and we didn't have the proper clothing," said Morgan, adding they were only given a week's worth of supplies because military leaders said that's how long to would be to take the area. "I have seen a man that was dead. Soldiers would take his pack and try to get a small bar of candy out of it and we had a little carton that had 4 cigarettes in it. They would take that because we were literally starving," said Morgan.

Besides the medals, Morgan also received his high school diploma as a member of the Class of 1941 of Jackson High School. Morgan plans to put the medals in a plaque and hang them on his wall.

Senator Sherrod Brown's office worked with the Veterans Service Office to secure Mr. Morgan's overdue medals.

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