Hurricane Fire Department selling reflective address signs

Hurricane Fire Department selling reflective address signs (WCHS/WVAH)

A quick response time is important to you and first responders when you have an emergency.

That’s why Hurricane Fire Department in Putnam County has a plan that they hope will make it easier to respond to your calls.

The fire department is now selling reflective signs displaying your house number.

According to the fire department, due to recent address changes throughout their response area, locating your home can often be an obstacle.

For $20, the fire department is selling 6”x18” red and white signs that will have numbers that are 3” tall.

"If people don't have signs out to let us know their addresses, we've passed it, we've had to contact our dispatch again,” said Captain Brent Reed with the Hurricane Fire Department. “It’s kind of like one of those things where we're running back and forth looking for it. When you have these signs to let us know exactly where you're located, it helps us save time. It literally is between life and death."

Reed said the fire department is selling the signs as a fundraiser.

The profits will be used to purchase equipment needed at the department.

If you want to purchase a sign, you can contact the Hurricane Fire Department at 304-562-5663, or for the form click here (a downloadable PDF is available).

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