Huntington mayor talks about winning America's Best Community Award

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams talks about trip to Denver to be named America's Best Community. (WCHS/WVAH)

There's a lot of celebrating happening in Huntington. The city has been named America's Best Community. The mayor and others who worked on the competition arrived at Tri-State Airport Thursday afternoon to a heroes welcome

"America's Best Community! American's Best Community!" shouted the crowd at the airport.

The Huntington team traveled to Denver to receive the America's Best Community Award. It arrived back in West Virginia, and Richard Cobb of Huntington says he needed to be at the airport in person to greet the delegation. "It's such a wonderful win our city, and I had to be here. My wife and I have been so excited. just to stay home and watch it on television just wasn't adequate," said Cobb

"Thank you God", said Huntington Mayor Steve Williams. That was his first thought when the announcement was made that Huntington won first place. "I've dreamt it. I've envisioned it", said Mayor Williams.

He says he didn't want to come in second or third, but he admits he had doubts a minute before the announcement was made. Mayor Williams points out the award in no way gets rid of Huntington's problems that seem to come to the forefront. "It now balances out, because the reason we have come to the firefront is that we have been aggressive in addressing the issues," said Mayor Williams.

Mayor Williams says the award shows the people of Huntington that in the midst of the difficult stuff the city is dealing with, something positive has happened to help the city.

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