Historic rock could find home in Kentucky

The Indian Head Rock has been sitting in the Greenup County road garage for seven years, but the historic rock may find a final resting place in Kentucky. (WCHS/WVAH)

A rock that tied Kentucky and Ohio into a three-year long legal battle may soon have a final resting place where everyone can see it.

It's called the Indian Head Rock and its history stretches back into the 1800s.

Joe Taylor, Greenup road superintendent, has watched over the 8-ton mass for the last seven years at the Greenup County Road Department.

"It's getting cobwebs and dirt on it, so it'd be great to get it out of here," Taylor said.

Eeven after all that time in the dark garage, people still want to see the rock's carvings like a pictograph said to have been made by Native Americans.

"There's probably not two or three weeks that go by that I don't get a phone call or someone stops by that's in the area wanting to see it," he said.

Greenup County officials have applied for a grant to build a display for the rock near where it sat for hundreds of years between South Shore and Portsmouth.

The rock was taken from under the river in 2007 by an Ohio historian, which led Kentucky to sue for its return in a three-year legal battle.

"Get it to where the people of South Shore and the west end of the county can see it. Maybe get it close to Portsmouth so everyone can be happy," Taylor said.

The rock's exact final resting place is unclear, but it will likely end up in the park by the South Shore Kentucky Municipal Building, where it can be protected from vandals.

It’s a long journey for a rock, but Taylor said it's about time.

“I'll be happy to have my space back. I can store stuff in there in the winter time," he said.

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