Hearing for BridgeValley eviction dispute called off

BridgeValley Community College was given 10 days to leave the buildings it occupies at West Virginia Regional Technology Park after failing to pay more than $2 million in rent and utilities.(WCHS/WVAH)

An injunction hearing over the possible eviction of BridgeValley Community College was called off Wednesday morning.

Lawyers said they might may able to resolve their $1.5 million rent dispute without the courts.

BridgeValley has been mired in a rent dispute with its tech park landlords in South Charleston.

It led to efforts to kick the community college out of three buildings on the West Virginia Regional Technology Park campus.

The dispute has left some students concerned.

" I think it's kind of crazy,” Malaya Williams, student, said. “I never heard of like a community college getting evicted. Hopefully they get it resolved and we can still come up here for, in spring semester.”

There is no word yet on whether a deal has been reached or what it is.

School officials earlier claimed they had the money but not a current lease agreement so they withheld payment.

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