Former Eric Conn clients win judgement in class action lawsuit against him

The sign in front of Eric Conn's former law offices in Eastern Kentucky still stands. (WCHS/WVAH)

Eastern Kentucky disability attorney Eric Conn is still on the run.

On Friday some of his former clients won another important victory in Floyd County Circuit Court. A judge awarded Conn's former clients $31-million in damages as part of a class action lawsuit, but most admit they probably won't see that money because Conn is on the run.

Also part of that legal action is two malpractice insurance policies Conn has totaling $1.5-million. The carriers have denied coverage, and the judge is still considering whether or not to make them pay.

"What they are saying is we don't insure people who commit crimes. That is correct. Conn did commit crime but he also committed negligence. He lost these people's medical records, and the way these 1,500 hearings have been conducted, the presence or non presence of medical records is what cause people to lose or keep their benefits," said Ned Pillersdorf, the attorney representing the victims of Conn.

He says the verdict in this case sends an important message regarding his clients.

"The awarding of the $31-million does say they are not involved, and there was never any evidence they were involved," said Pillersdorf.

On Friday the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati consolidated three sets of pending appeals on whether mass hearings violate the due process rights of Conn's former clients

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