Floyd County, KY Sheriff's Department program checks on seniors well-being

83-year old Virginia Walters one of nine senior citizens that the sheriff's department calls on a regular basis. (WCHS/WVAH)

Some senior citizens living in Floyd County, Kentucky are being called by the sheriff's office on a regular basis and they're happy about it. The program is "Check On A Senior Today" -- or the C.O.A.S.T. Program. The Floyd County Sheriff's Office started it a couple months ago as a way to check on the health and be a protection for one of the fastest-growing segments of our population.

The only costs to the department for the program are the man hours and the gas in vehicles to go to the seniors home and introduce them to the program.

"I feel like there is somebody out there watching over me," said 83-year old Virginia Walters. She gets a phone call from the sheriff's department on a regular basis to make sure she's ok. "They're showing people that they care. They want to see the senior citizens have someone check them out once in a while. I think it's wonderful," said Walters.

"This is Betty with the sheriff's office calling to check to see if your medications is ok. Is your groceries up to date?" said Betty Branham, hired to make the actual phone calls to seniors. Her salary is being paid for by a local senior program. "If no one answers, you call a couple of times and if no one answers, then we send ssomeone out there to check on them to see if they are all right," said Branham.

Besides checking on their health, Sheriff John Hunt says an important aspect of the program is protection. "If these druggies know that some senior is living by theirself with no family to check on them. They have medications or whatever. They would be prone to be a victim. There are phone scams. Some of these seniors get phone scams and it scars them," said Sheriff Hunt.

"They gave me that little piece of paper anytime I feel scared all I got to do is call this number," said Walters.

Nine seniors are currently on the call list, but the department would like to add more. If you know of someone who may be in need of this service, call the Floyd County, KY Sheriff's Department at 1-606-886-8965.

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