Detectives: Parents charged after kids found in home with heroin, firearm

Detectives with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Unit arrested four people Thursday, including two parents, after they said children were found living in a home with drugs and firearms.

On Thursday, detectives went to a home on Second Avenue South in Hometown to investigate drug activity and possible child endangerment complaints, according to a news release from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Unit.

The complaint said detectives spoke to a 10 and 13-year-old and their disabled grandmother, who is the homeowner, and were told the kids were being forced to sleep on the floor and couch because their mother, Erin Tucker, and father, Matthew Buzzard and their friends were using the kids’ room.

When detectives went into the bedrooms they found more than ten uncapped heroin needles on the floor, bed and dresser along with a shotgun and ammunition on the flood.

Detectives also found several cook spoons with heroin residue in the bedroom and bathroom, according to the release.

The release said there was rotting food in parts of the home and bed bug spray beside the bed.

The homeowner told detectives the Tucker and Buzzard had borrowed her car and would be returning soon.

Detectives obtained warrants and returned to the home later in the day and found Tucker and Buzzard and their friends to be highly intoxicated. They told deputies they had just got back from Charleston where they had purchased and used heroin.

Buzzard, of Hometown, is charged with two counts of gross child neglect and obstructing an officer. Tucker, also of Hometown, is also facing two counts of gross child neglect.

The two friends were also arrested on outstanding warrants.

One of the friends, William K. Davis, of Charleston was arrested on two outstanding warrants: DUI controlled substance and DUI while revoked.

Summer D. Cox, of Sissonville, was also arrested on an outstanding shoplifting warrant.

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