Credit card skimmers found in pumps of Cabell County gas station

West Virginia State Police found the first reported credit card skimmers in pumps in Cabell County Friday. (MGN Online/Austin Kirk/

Credit card skimmers have been found in gas pumps at gas stations around the region, and now they have been found in Cabell County.

This is the first report of credit card skimmers found in Cabell County and state troopers are urging everyone to take a second look when filling up at the pump.

West Virginia State Police said complaints started coming from the Salt Rock Galaxy Exxon station at the Intersection of Route 10 and McComas Road. Several customers reported that their accounts had been hacked.

Investigators found that three of the four gas pumps at the Exxon had skimmers installed inside. The installers had already removed the skimmers and stolen personal information.

Trooper said for right now, customers should go inside and pay the clerk directly just to be safe.

“A lot of times 24 hour gas stations are going to be a little bit safer than the ones that close at night. They will go after hours and install these skimmers when there is nobody around. 24 hour gas stations usually have better visibility and there is more people around,” Sgt. B.K. Wellman said.

Right now, troopers are working to catch those responsible and are using surveillance video to help them find a lead.

Troopers also said to make sure to take not of where you are stopping and to check your financial account frequently.

The manager at the Salt Rock Exxon said she was just as much a victim and has no idea how it happened. The staff is working closely with investigators to put a stop to the card skimming.

If you see a gas pump in your area that you believe may have been tampered with, or has a broken seal, immediately get the attention of the clerk and make sure police are called.

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