Chesapeake Ohio woman working to dethrone Town Mayor

The Chesapeake Police Department has seen three leadership changes in the last year and a half. (WCHS/WVAH)

Mayor Tommy Templeton banged the gavel to open the Chesapeake Town Council meeting Monday evening as one woman worked to remove him from the seat.

Judy Kinney has worked for the last two weeks circulating a petition to have a recall election in the town.

"He has not done anything for Chesapeake," she said.

Kinney said she made the decision to circulate the petition when Police Chief Randy Lewis submitted his letter of recommendation.

The letter said his sole reason for resigning was Mayor Templeton. He was the third chief to serve under Templeton in roughly a year and a half.

"If we're going through so many police chiefs then we have a problem, and I believe that problem starts with the mayor," Kinney said.

Templeton said Lewis' resignation letter was nothing more than the act of a disgruntled employee.

He said, even though Assistant Police Chief Randy Thompson turned down the chief job, Thompson is acting as chief until they find someone new.

"We do have people contacting us and that's where we stand now,” Templeton said, “we're going to take our time as long as Randy (Thompson) is happy as acting chief."

Kinney said as soon as she gets the 57 signatures needed for a recall she is going to run for mayor, and send an olive branch to Lewis.

"I would bring back Lewis in a heartbeat, and let him pick his own crew," she said.

Chesapeake Town Council voted unanimously Monday to pay Thompson at the Police Chief rate as long as he is serving as acting chief.

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