BOE looks into possible properties for new consolidated Clendenin and Bridge Elementary

One of two properties near Clendenin could become home to the future consolidated Clendenin and Bridge Elementary. (WCHS/WVAH)

One of two properties near Clendenin could become home to the future consolidated Clendenin and Bridge Elementary, but there are still several decisions to be made.

Homeowners who live between the two spots are worried that a project this big could change the way they live. Tim Swiney lives right at the bottom of two hills, between Wolverton Mountain Road and Hokie Lane.

One of the two hilltops could be chosen for the future consolidated Clendenin and Bridge Elementary. But, if the school is built that close to his property, Swiney says it would take away the main reason his family moved there years ago.

"My father bought this property so that we'd have an area to hunt in, and if they build a school around here, there will be no hunting any anymore and I just don't think it's a good place," Swiney said.

He worries the project would take away from his peaceful property.

"The traffic flow would definitely be bad in the mornings and in the evenings, constant traffic back and forth," Swiney said.

According to the school board, facilities director, both properties come with a few challenges.

While it's still too early to say which spot will be the home of the new elementary school, Board Member Ric Cavender says they are working to determine the best option.

"They have some architects surveying the land and looking at it and we hope to be able to nail something down in the very near future," Cavender said.

With FEMA involved, Cavender says there are still several steps of the process ahead but getting this new school built is essential to the community.

"They've had to endure a lot, and this is a strong group of folks out there, I think this is just a really great way, in the long run, to say we believe in the elk valley and the Elk River area," Cavender said.

Whatever the board of ducation's final decision is Swiney says he hopes he won't have to leave his home.

"It's the home place, I was born and raised here nad it's just nice and peaceful and quiet, and convenient to the town and everything like that. It's just home," Swiney said.

As for Herbert Hoover High School, the top contender for its future location is Given's Fork Road, just down the road from the Elkview exit.

At the board of education meeting, Tuesday night Kanawha County School officials tell us, there could be a chance to vote on contractors to build the new elementary school and high school.

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