Former heroin addict speaks out about reviving overdose patients

Will Lockwood now, beside his own mugshot from years earlier. (Will Lockwood)

Many people have asked how many opportunities are too many, in response to a record number of overdoses over a three hour period in Huntington Monday.

On the Eyewitness News Facebook page many people reached out saying enough is enough. If someone overdoses, they shouldn't be brought back.

Former addict Will Lockwood of Huntington said two years ago when he had his last overdose, he was the man many in Huntington would leave for dead.

"I remember waking up in a bathtub with a drug dealer beating on my chest," Lockwood said, remembering the overdose that turned his life around. It was his fourth, and his third in a two week period.

For the better part of 10 years Lockwood said he spiraled through addiction, ending with the two week bender that nearly killed him.

He said he was trying to kill himself, and was angry when EMT's brought him back from the edge.

"How could you revive me, when I don't want to live?" Lockwood said. "Again, right back to drugs that very night.”

Lockwood said he understands people's frustrations with addicts, when most go right back to the drug following an overdose.

He said he understands people speaking out on Facebook asking for life saving drugs like Narcan to be de-funded.

He said he understands when people ask first responders to stop bringing them back.

He said he understands because he was the addict people want left for dead.

"I was that junkie that deserved to die," Lockwood said.

He has been sober now for two years and is working to save others through Lifehouse Ministries.

After his near death experiences he said he can only thank the people who saved his life, and the tax payers who footed the bill.

"Not only do I thank you, but my praying mother thanks you. My son thanks you. My family thanks you," Lockwood said.

Lockwood plans on attending Marshall University in January to become an attorney.

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