Country music singer Clay Walker talks about his multiple sclerosis and caregivers


In this Christmas season of giving, a country music singer and his wife are honoring those who give of themselves to take care of others. They are the 90 million caregivers in our country.

In 1996 country music entertainer Clay Walker found out he had a relapsing form of multiple sclerosis.

"When I was diagnosed I was actually told by the doctor who diagnosed me that I would be in a wheelchair in four years and dead within eight, so that was a pretty scary night for me," said Clay.

Clay says he has been relapse-free for 18 years and has never missed a concert because of his M.S. He credits his caregiver which is his wife Jessica Walker for his good health.

"Clay and I are a team and I think that is really important. I call my mom daily and like he said his band members they are part of my team because I can call them and make him accountable," said Jessica

"Her tentacles reach out there pretty far. I like to joke around to some of my friends that like you know I can't escape her reach. She makes sure I have a good diet and exercise and take my medication," said Clay.

That's what the millions of caregivers do on a daily basis, making sure patients don't get lazy in their care by staying with their routine by eating right and exercising.

"I'm here to tell you that that's a vital role in anyone's health who is living with a chronic illness," said Clay.

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