Fugitive Files 4/4/2017

Rowshan Lowrie, Derek Rankin, Michael Persinger

Boone County deputies are searching for Rowshan Lowrie. Probation officers say he was convicted last year of possession with the intent to deliver heroin and put on probation. In November, police in Kentucky arrested him for being a felon in possession of a firearm but they say he was released on bond before probation officers in Boone County were notified. Lowrie is 5'8", 140 pounds.

Charleston police are searching for Derek Rankin for failure to appear on two different charges. In February, he was arrested after police say he was caught with a stolen U-Haul truck near Chandler Drive. They say he was already previously arrested for driving a moped while under the influence of heroin. Rankin is 5'9", 175 pounds and his last known addresses are on Valley Road and Cranbrook Drive. UPDATE: Rankin was arrested on 4/4/2017.

Michael Persinger is wanted for third offense domestic battery, a felony. Deputies say he choked and punched a woman and has a history of violence. Persinger is 6'3", 240 pounds and his last known address is on Keenan Hill Drive in Cedar Grove.

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