Fugitive Files 2/28/17

Brandon Atkins is wanted for failure to appear on an underlying breaking and entering charge. Charleston police say he and another man broke into the Heritage Towers Museum on Virginia Street East. Once inside, police say they took tools and artifacts and were later found asleep in the basement with needles beside them. Atkins is 5'10", 160 pounds and his last known address is on Shrewsbury Street in Charleston.

Frederick Lynch is on parole but the feds say he's failed to register as a sex offender. Lynch has a lengthy criminal history that includes sexual abuse and child neglect charges. He was released from the Denmar Correctional Center in December. Lynch is 5'8", 192 pounds and his last known address is at the Virginia Street shelter in Charleston. UPDATE: CPD arrested Lynch.

Douglas Reaves is wanted for for a parole violation on an underlying burglary charge. His criminal history includes gun and drug charges. He was released from Mount Olive in March of last year. Reaves is 5'8", 205 pounds and his last known address is on Tennessee Street in South Charleston. UPDATE: Reaves turned himself in.

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