The Family Dinner Project


If a hectic schedule makes it hard for your family to sit down together for a meal, you're not alone.

A national non profit group, The Family Dinner Project, is making presentations across the country. They are connecting with families and getting and giving tips on how to get back together for mealtime.

That's something local chef and author, April Hamilton, agrees with.

"It's quality time together", Hamilton says.

"We are all so disconnected. We are running in a thousand different directions, and we've got all this technology that connects us. But also physically disconnects us".

Studies show kids who take part in family meals are better students, and are emotionally healthy.

So The Family Dinner Project has a few tips to make your family meal happen.

First, pick a meal to have together. It doesn't have to be dinner. It could be breakfast for an evening snack.

Cook meals in advance. Involve your child in planning. And play music in the kitchen. It doesn't have to be fancy, just fun.

Lynn Barendsen, the Executive Director of The Family Dinner Project has a fun idea to try. She says have everyone put their phone on the table, and the first one to reach for it has to do all the dishes!

And you could certainly do the dishes together too! The point of the project is to nourish the body and soul of your family.

"Rather than being on the run. On the go, racing through life. Slow down. Enjoy. Connect.", says Hamilton.

You can get more information at

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