WV Wildlife: Stocking By Rail

The beautiful and remote Left Fork of the Buckhannon River is only accessible by rail for stocking. Anglers can walk in for a more remote experience. (WCHS/WVAH)

The DNR is going above and beyond to make your fishing experience better in West Virginia.

Along the Left Fork of the Buckhannon River in Randolph County, they've been doing that for awhile now.

"What we're trying to do is create a backcountry experience for our anglers out there. It's a little bit different than our normal Trout stockings, which are at high use areas, accessible by bridges. Today, we actually loaded the fish from our hatchery truck on to a rail truck,” West Virginia DNR Wildlife Biologist Jim Walker said.

Besides riding the rails, the only way in here is by foot, but that's why the DNR wanted to stock an beautiful 8 mile stretch of river.

"Wonderful, remote experience of getting away from people and also the opportunity of catching some great trout,” Walker said.

There's a good variety of trout in these waters, too.

“We stocked rainbow trout here today from the rail. We also stock fingerling brown trout from the rail as well, which produces more of a natural looking fish, and there's also brook trout in here,” Walker said.

It may seem late in the season for trout fishing, but here in the higher elevations, the trout should bite all summer long.

"As long as the flow is good and the temperature stays in the cool range, they'll survive all year,” Walker said.

All types of fishing can be enjoyable here in the Mountain State, but the seclusion and the serenity of fishing here may be something you want to try this upcoming summer.

"I can't think of a better way to spend the day on a hot summer day in West Virginia catching beautiful trout all day long on a cool mountain stream,” Walker said.

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