WV Wildlife: Scoring Your Buck Deer

No matter if you're trying to join an elite bow-hunting club, like Pope and Young or Boone and Crockett--or just want some bragging rights with your family and friends, you had the opportunity to get your deer scored recently at the Hunting and Fishing show in Charleston—for free!

Tyler Evans, a wildlife biologist with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, says it’s more than just the scoring, though.

"Any hunter in the state who was fortunate enough to harvest a deer this past hunting season, or in seasons past, they had the opportunity to bring their deer to the hunt show. It gives them an opportunity to interact with the DNR personnel. They will score the deer for the hunter", said Evans.

When DNR officials score the deer, they look for certain traits with their antlers.

"The major measurements that factor into the scoring process, whether we are talking about Pope and Young, or Boone and Crockett--they take an inside spread measurement that usually plays a role. They also take measurements on the beam lengths, take measurements on the tine lengths and then they also take circumferences", said Evans.

And there were some big bucks to see at the scoring event. Some people stop by to help quench their buck fever a bit. It's a good thing, it even gets the young ones interested in this great West Virginia sport.

"We'll have a lot of youth hunters that will come through and bring their deer--it's also just a big accomplishment for them. It's nice for them just to see how the process works", said Evans.

If you couldn’t attend the hunting and fishing show and still want your buck scored—no worries, you still can!

"In order to get in contact with a scorer that works for the agency, please contact the district office that's most pertinent to you and we'll get you in contact with someone who can score your deer for you”, said Evans.

With over 100 people bringing their deer in this past hunting and fishing show, Evans says this is a good sign on the overall health of the sport in West Virginia.

“It's just a good indication of how great the deer herd in the state is".

To visit the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources homepage, just click here.

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