Traveling WV: Mountaineer Military Museum

Several dioramas are included depicting scenes from several American conflicts, this is the Korean War exhibit. (WCHS/WVAH)

During the Vietnam War, Ron McVaney and 2 close friends were all drafted. Ron landed in Germany, but his two friends were sent to Vietnam and unfortunately never returned. McVaney served as a pallbearer at one of his friends funerals, it was during that time Ron made a silent vow that his friends would never be forgotten. McVaney began collecting military items and after retiring as an accomplished carpenter, he and his wife Barbara created the Mountaineer Military Museum in Weston.

Over the years the museum has become a collection of personal items from veterans and their families. It has also become a place of healing for veterans who come to the museum to pay their respects and reflect on their time at war, and the close friends they lost.

Veterans families and friends continue to donate personal items to the museum, and Ron is more than happy to give them a place of honor.

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