Summer Fun 101: whitewater rafting at ACE Adventure Resort

The resort offers half and full day trips with routes for people of all ages. (WCHS/WVAH)

As part of our Summer Fun 101 series, Eyewitness News went back to ACE Adventure Resort in Fayette County to show you how to beat the heat by hopping on the river.

Haynes Mansfield, the Marketing Director with ACE Adventure Resort, said the resort got started in the rafting industry 30 years ago.

Now every summer people from across the country come to West Virginia for whitewater rafting.

"Man it was awesome. It was great. I mean this was the highlight of the trip," said Stacy Dudley, from Florida.

Stacy Dudley's reaction is like many others who raft for the first time.

Ace Adventure said it's passion lies in taking people down the New River Gorge.

"That's a Class V stretch of whitewater right here in every West Virginians' backyard, reasonably affordable and perfect for beginners,” said Haynes Mansfield, Marketing Director at ACE Adventure Resort.

The resort offers half and full day trips with routes for people of all ages.

Beginners, start your trip on the Upper New River in mild white water.

For the more experienced rafter, the Lower New River is the most popular trip.

"Adrenaline rush - you're not sure what's going to happen so you just kind of go with it, and it's good. It's great,” said Steve Howington, from West Virginia.

Whether it's your first time or your tenth, each trip is unique.

"You see something different. You learn something different about the water, about how to work together as a team with the crew that you have, about nature in general, and West Virginia, and the flora and the animals,” said Kelsey Regan, ACE Adventure Resort. “Every time you go out, especially with different guides, you learn something new."

While the resort offers zip lining experiences that will give you a great view of the river from up above, there's nothing quite like being out on the water.

"This is what we always tell them whenever we come and do fun stuff is like, 'this is really in your backyard. Why are you not going and doing it when people from all over the place are coming here and doing it? It's so available and your just not taking advantage of it.' They definitely should,” said Sabrina Slone, from West Virginia.

There are a variety of rafting trips that ACE Adventure Resort offers this summer.

For more information on whitewater rafting at the resort, click here.

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