Summer Fun 101: Heritage Farm Museum and Village

Guests of Heritage Farm Museum and Village in Huntington get to enjoy interactive exhibits and learn the history of life in Appalachia. (WCHS/WVAH)

Eyewitness News is letting you know what fun summer activities your family can get involved in with our Summer Fun 101 series. Huntington's Heritage Farm Museum and Village takes visitors back in time to experience what life was like for our Appalachian ancestors.

"We come from incredible people," executive director Audy Perry said. "They were able to overcome amazing challenges that were way harder than the ones we think are so crushing today. The challenges are nothing compared to what someone in your family has already overcome."

The farm offers hands on events and activities for the entire family to learn about Appalachian history and culture. Kelli Beaumont brought her kids for the Wednesday kid's day events. They spent time learning to play an instrument called the hammer dulcimer.

"This is a way they can interact with the physical world," Beaumont said. "They are not stuck in front of a TV or a tablet of some kind."

Visitors can hop on the covered wagon ride to tour the entire farm. Guests can see craftsmanship of all kinds including an up close look at a blacksmith in action.

"This gives them a chance to see their local history," Beaumont said. "They can also get an idea about how this area of the country fits into American history as a whole. I enjoy the fact my kids like to learn about history."

Every Saturday through December the farm hosts 'way back weekends' celebrating a theme every month. The staff welcomes new events every week to make sure their guests are always learning.

Admission is $12 for adults and $10 for children. For a list of special events and more information on Heritage Farm Museum and Village, visit their website.

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