Hatfield Mccoy Trails offer off-roading enthusiasts and families year-round fun

The Hatfield McCoy Trail that runs through five counties in West Virginia is becoming one of the fast growing, family-fun attractions in the state. (WCHS/WVAH)

If you're looking for something fun and unique to do with the family this summer, The Hatfield McCoy Trails in Southern West Virginia may be a good option.

Seven hundred miles of curvy, twisting, narrow dirt roads that made up the trail systems are quickly becoming one of the state's biggest tourism attractions.

Derek Browning is the Project Manager in Logan County and has spent a lot of time mapping the trails and helping make new ones. He has seen firsthand how the trails are helping the state.

Browning said, "We've had riders from 50 different states, 13 different foreign countries. People like to come to places where they can stay for days and ride and not see the same trail. That's what they're looking for, and that's what we have."

The price isn't bad either. For around $27.00 for in-state customers and $50.00 for out-of-staters, you can buy a permit and ride all year long.

"Last year, we sold 39,000 permits and this year we're on track to sell 45,000," said Browning.

Except for a few places that rent out off-road vehicles, you have to bring your own.

ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), UTVs and off-road motorcycles are allowed. And newly expanded trails are open to jeeps and rock climbing vehicles.

Browning said many people who drive the trails, will go into town and get something to eat.

It's not something you see everyday; off-road vehicles cursing through town. But, the people of Logan are used to it.

The trails run through five counties and unincorporated town where it's legal to ride the off-road vehicles on the main roads.

And it's those little towns that are benefiting the most.

"This draws people into this area, and it's good for the little communities that are around here," added Browning.

The trails are open 365 days a year.

Kids are welcome, too. They have to be tall enough, so their feet touch the floor of the vehicle the operator is driving.

The age requirements depend on what the vehicle recommends; many ATVs recommend you be 16 or older.

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