Road Trippin'...a sing-along with The Singing Dodd Family


"They're from Wheeling, WV...The Singing Dodd Family. Ted is the Dad and Ami the Mom. He's taking a break from the pulpit to take the family to The Greenbrier for their break from school. In addition and along for the fun there is Grandma Robyn, Joshua, Micah, Caleb, and Gailya. They were on the back porch of Maloney's Sports Pub in Summersville, WV waiting for us. It was wet and drab on Tuesday when we arrived to shoot our Road Trippin'...segment with Mike Hennessy and Aaron Maloney. Inside on the porch it was a warm welcome. Ami told me she read about the sing-along on the internet...'Probably on Facebook' she said. They were there ready to sing and have some fun. We had posted on the Book of Faces that we would be at Maloney's and ready to stir up some fun and sing some Irish songs in preparation for the up coming St. Patrick's Day celebration. When Mike and Aaron saw them singing 'Oh Danny Boy'...they brought out the desert... on the house. It was delicious. It brought out the smiles all around. Thank you Maloney's. Thank you Singing Dodd Family. You guys are all Great!" - Terry Burhans 2017

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