Vintage Boutique Pop-N-Arties Opens

Shopping local can be hard to do, when there aren't a lot of places to choose from.

Now, St. Albans has a vintage boutique store. Jayme Burnsworth is the owner of Pop N Arties.

"I tried really hard to bring in authentic brands, that's kind of the whole idea behind the store, that you can't find in the mall," Burnsworth said.

Burnsworth named the store after her great grandparents, Pop and Artie.
She said the store is a nod to the past in that way, but also, a representation of her own personality.

"Everything, if you look in here, is kind of naturey, nature tones, it has a lot of trees and plants in here," Burnsworth said.

And there's a good reason for that. Through the week, she works full time as an environmental scientist for a private consulting firm.

"So, that's one side of my brain and my creative outlet is this store," Burnsworth said.

Inside Pop N Arties, you'll find everything is one-of-a kind-- from the jewelry, to the clothing and even the candles.

"So, the soy and beeswax candles we have are really cool, because the scents were designed by another company and me to bring them here. So, no one else would have the Pop N Arties candles," she said.

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Burnsworth was used to shopping at boutique stores. When she moved here, she said, she had trouble finding them. So, she opened her own.

"I know a lot of the brands and thing that are carried in the bigger cities. So, I wanted the bigger city brands and a smaller town feel," Burnsworth said.

It's just the type of shopping experience people in St. Albans have been waiting for to come along.

One shopper, Richard Bailey, shared his thoughts about the store.

"I thought it had a really warm feeling to it, when you walk in, almost like a homey feeling," Bailey said. "It was a really good experience."

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