Freight Brokerage Firm Opens

"Work hard, Play Hard," that's the mantra at Total Quality Logistics. TQL is a freight brokerage firm, that arranges freight movements across the U.S.

Over the course of the year, the company is looking to fill about 75 sales representative jobs.

Lincoln Hendricks is the regional sales director. He said, "It can be a very lucrative position, if you're willing to put in the time and work that it takes."

That's why they're looking for a specific type of person to hire. "Highly motivated, can react quickly to whatever is brought to them," Hendricks added."

To get new employees ready, there's several months of training involved to learn the the logistics and sales techniques involved with the business.
Hendricks said, "Cold calls sales is a highly intense job, and there's a lot on these guy's plates."

The company makes sure the employees have an outlet for their stress, by providing them with the leniency to have some workplace fun.

"We've got our corn hole boards, the guys are going to toss the football around throughout the course of the day, try to break up the monotony and the stress."

It's probably why TQL recently won a Glassdoor award for being a great place to work.

Hendricks said they are looking forward to leaving their footprint in the Mountain State for years to come. "We're excited to not only bring in jobs, but as we grow, get involved in the community"

With the addition of its office in the Capital City, TQL will operate 37 offices in 20 states.

They're headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you'd like to apply for a position visit

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