Couple Opens Candy Shop In Putnam County

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there's a new place to get your sweetie some sweets in Putnam County.

A husband and wife team has just opened "Bolts Sweet Shoppe" in Winfield.

Justin and Jenny Seabolt are from different backgrounds, but share a common dream.

"We're hoping to bring happiness," said Owner Justin Seabolt.They're hoping to bring that joy through the new candy shop, which has a lot of sweets to choose from.

Jenny Seabolt said, "Our best seller is chocolate- covered- peanuts,
chocolate- covered coffee beans, and dark-covered chocolate beans."

Justin Seabolt previously worked for the city of Charleston operating heavy equipment and doing snow removal. After thirteen years of that, he decided to go into business for himself. He started his own lawn care business--branching out even more, with the opening of the Sweet Shoppe.

For the Seabolts, the candy isn't the sweetest part of the gig. "The kids when they come in, and they seem so happy, that's the best part of this job."

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