Country inspired bed and breakfast opens in Clendenin


The Country Road House and Berries is now open in Clendenin.

While the business is new, the farmhouse guests stay in, is very old.

But, that's all a part of the appeal.

It's a 130 year old farmhouse, that Angela Born and her family have transformed into a bed and breakfast.

Born said, " We offer a hot breakfast, there's an outhouse right out the door, if you want to have that experience but there is indoor plumbing."

Guests can also rent the cellar house, which has four beds.

Or, you can rent the whole property for get togethers like small weddings and family reunions.

"The daily grind, takes away from that that we need to focus on being a family. And this is a great place you can come and unwind," added Borne.

Born grew up in ST. Albans, but moved to St. Louis, Missouri to go to graduate school.

That's where she met her husband.

The pair had six children together and spent many summers picking fruit from the fields of local farms.

She wanted to bring that experience back home.

"All this time, I'm thinking I'm homesick. As a family, we loved going to all these pick your own orchards."

They loved visiting orchards so much, they decided to get one of their own.

"Tentatively, God help me I don't kill the plants, we're planning to have strawberries for everyone to pick in May of 2017."

Born says if you're looking to reconnect with nature and family, The Country Road House and Berries is the place to do just that.

"It's beautiful out here. Lots of fresh water coming out of the hills. Beautiful trees, beautiful sounds. It's just a wonderful place to be."

You can learn more at

Or you can call them at 304-553-5761.

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