Company offers self-defense, anti-terrorism training

Kaleidoscope Global LLC trains everyday people for emergency situations. (WCHS/WVAH)

You hear about it all the time: terrorist attacks and workplace shootings.

Now a Charleston-based company is showing people how to defend themselves. Kaleidoscope Global LLC trains everyday people for emergency situations.

"We're so detached, because it feels like we're far enough away that we're safe," Kaleidoscope President Roger Cooper said.

At first glance, Cooper seems like a mild-mannered insurance agent, which he is. He is also a security expert, with 22 years of active duty military service.

Ongoing terror attacks has led Cooper to believe more are on the way.

"While we're trying to do everything politically correct, there are some facts we have to deal with," Cooper said.

Kaleidoscope Global deals with more than just terrorist attacks. These security consultants go into businesses and train employees to deal with numerous emergency situations.

"What you'll see for our protocols is an icon for their desktop. It will tell them how to handle the active shooter, it will tell them how to handle the IED," he said.

For an individual who wants to protect their home, Cooper comes up with a plan of action designed just for you. His team studies local crime rates and the threats specific to where you live.

" We use FBI data; we use all these things," Cooper said.

The Kaleidoscope teams can teach CPR, basic firearms handling and self-defense.

Cooper said Kaleidoscope is about training everyone to become something more.

"If we can show people, criminals and potential terrorists that we know what we're doing, that we can protect ourselves, they're going to go elsewhere," he said.

For more information, you can visit the company's website

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