Antique store offers co-working spaces


Stray Dog Antiques has been around for about eight years, but it now has something more to offer: Co-Working Spaces.

It's a type working environment that's popular in bigger metropolitan areas, but is starting to catch on elsewhere, including right here in Charleston.

Gina Puzzuoli owns Stray Dogs and said, "The idea is that, with the internet, lots of folks work from home, but apparently that can become rather inefficient. You get distracted by the laundry and the phone ringing and the dog that needs to go outside."

Patrons can now rent a desk to work at.

Puzzouli was hesitant about the idea, at first; But, she was persuaded by a friend.

"Jo Solomon, who works in the used books section at Taylor books, came to me and asked 'what would I think about doing this? And I said, no absolutely not, that's not what we do here.'"

Eventually Puzzouli warmed up to the idea. She realized it would be a good way to get more people into the antique store and provide local entrepreneurs with a workplace conducive for creative thinking.

"Sort of like-minded people, then you possibly have an interchange of ideas with," added Puzzouli.

Stray Dog Antiques is located at 219 Hale Street.

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