2015 Open For Business Recap

In 2015, Eyewitness News visited many new business in the Tri-State area -- all of which are places giving back to the community and local economy.

We also got to know the local people making it happen, simply by chasing their dreams.

Hidden Trails Motorsports was our very first stop. Ran by two brothers, they sell everything from four-wheelers to Jet Skis. The pair grew up working on engines with their dad and made it their living, as adults.

Then, we told you about the small town of Clay and how it has been without a grocery store for four months. That is, until one local family opened an IGA that brought relief and jobs to the entire town.

"I do know they've put several back to work. We really need jobs here, " Clay County Commission President Greg Fitzwater said.

Next stop was Blackberry Farm, a getaway cottage nestled in the hills of Mink Shoals. It's a quick, 10-minute drive from Charleston, but still a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Owner Dawn Atkinson said the farm is "just for people to be together to get away from the world, or if they are coming into town for events, and they don't have to stay in four different hotel rooms-- they just want to stay together."

We also visited some gym. Aussie Xtreme is bringing a little bit of the land down under to Dunbar.

Owner Neil Gardner is from Australia. He described the gym as "push-ups, jumping jacks and old fashioned things --and that's us."

From the beard to the man bun, men were busy staying trendy in 2015. There are two new, unique barbershops helping them stay stylish. On the West Side of Charleston, The Bully Trap Barbershop opened.

And in Huntington, the Razor and Shear opened its doors.

"It's like if Dean Martin were to hang out at the Hard Rock, " said Razor and Shear owner Brian Shaffer.

For the ladies, there were plenty of new places to shop in the area. In South Hills, Eclectics opening up where Cornucopia used to be. It will be continuing many of the same product lines.

In St. Albans, a new vintage boutique shop opened called "Pop N Artie." The owner, Jayme Burnsworth, who is an environmental scientist by day, said she wanted "the bigger city brands, with a smaller town feel."

These are the places and the people helping to make West Virginia open for business.

If you know of any new businesses in your area, send Fallon Pierson an e-mail at

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