Donation of $10,000 goes to Clendenin Elementary for gym equipment

Woodmenlife Community Outreach Team donated $10,000 for gym equipment and learning-center headphones for Clendenin Elementary School. (WCHS/WVAH)

Carol Arthur and Troy Simpson are physical education teachers sharing space right now, after the June floods forced Clendenin and Bridge Elementary to come together.

The two were asked by both schools' principals to bring their students outside.

Mud still lingering from June was keeping the students inside.

Little did they know, the WoodmenLife Community Outreach Team was making a surprise donation of $10,000 worth of gym equipment and learning-center headphones.

"I'm at another school, St. Albans Lakewood, and I had equipment that I could bring back and forth, but a lot of our fellow P.E. teachers reached out and donated most of what we have in there," Simpson said.

Clendenin Elementary Principal Vanessa Brown said after losing so much, this new equipment should now last for the next ten years.

"So they are going to impact the education of our children on a day to day basis and for our P.E. instruction for the rest of these children's careers," Brown said.

She said WoodmenLife is helping with more than the basics.

"We have an award wining archery team, so the fact that the archery team will have those supplies is going to be very helpful for us," Brown said.

The headphones will be used past the temporary housing fix.

Lots of different groups will use it, including speech teachers helping students listen to sounds and a reading program.

All three agree it's about the students.

"They're excited too because they lost so much. This kind of gets them into the habit of now we can have fun, we're back in school, and we can do what we can do what we normally do," Arthur said.

There is no definitive date picked for when Clendenin Elementary will be able to move into portable classrooms.

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